A Time for Wine and Atlantic City Cigar Co are owned and operated by partners Chris Tortu and Janet Markowitz, of Margate, and Dino and Vjollca Redzepi, of Egg Harbor Township. The first store opened in the Tropicana Casino in 2009 and has been expanding ever since. A Time for Wine now has a location in Resorts Casino right across from Margaritaville.
Both A Time for Wine and Atlantic City Cigar Co are constantly trying to differentiate themselves and have done so by creating their own brands of wine and cigars. A Time for Wine is the only location that offers Nucky’s Boardwalk Red and White, local blends made at the Valenzano Winery.

Each location also carries the Atlantic City Cigar Co brand of cigars. Currently there are six different cigars under the brand including the new limited edition Louis XIII infused cigar.

Shipping restrictions
At this time, we can only ship alcohol and wine to  Alaska,California,DC,Louisiana,Missouri,Nevada,New Mexico,North Dakota, West Virginia and New Jersey.
 However we can ship cigars and gift ware anywhere in the United States.